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RVS Kumaran
Arts & Science College

Affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University and
approved by the Government of Tamilnadu.

UGC Paramarsh Scheme
Our college is a mentee institution under the UGC Paramash scheme, “UGC Scheme for Mentoring NAAC Accreditation Aspirant Institutions to promote Quality Assurance in Higher Education”.
UGC Paramarsh Scheme
The main objective of the scheme is to enhance the overall quality of the mentee institutions and Mentoring the Non-Accredited Higher Education Institutions to enable them to get accredited.
The Scheme will be operationalized through a “Hub & Spoke” (H&S Model) where in the Mentor Institution, called the “hub” is centralized having responsibility of guiding the Mentee institution through the secondary branches, the “spoke” which are the additional services provided to the mentee for self improvement. This allows a centralized control over operational efficiency, resource utilization to attain overall development of the mentee institution. Hub can also be conceived as a pool of experts from multiple resources. External members can also be solicited from the industry and can be used as a resource pool. They can make a ground assessment and can have a clear action plan for mentoring.
In order to achieve this objective, UGC has decided to introduce a new initiative for Mentoring the Non-Accredited Institutions, so that every institution can get accreditation by 2022. In view of above a scheme has been designed which provides for Mentoring of Higher Education Institutions by a well performing accredited institution so as to enable them to upgrade their academic performance and get accredited.
Mentoring will facilitate the following Training of Faculty and Staff for proper processes,
  • Documentation, presentation , Sharing of knowledge, information and resources,
  • Opportunities for research collaboration and faculty development
  • Guidance and encouragement to institutions to adopt best practices.
Mentee Benefits
  1. Brings about enhancement in the overall Quality of the Mentee Institution
  2. Enhances the profile of institutions as a result of improved quality of research, teaching and learning methodologies.
  3. Receives support in the Professional Development of Academics
  4. Increased exposure and speedier adaptation to best practices
The mentee Institutions may undergo the complete Accreditation process with the help of Mentor institution in order to prepare them for the actual NAAC assessment process.
Under this scheme our college has exchanged a MoU with GVG Vishalakshi College Udumalpet since they are our Mentor institution. The college is going for an NAAC assessment in the academic year 2021 – 2022.
Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) was established and functioning efficiently in the college keeping in view of getting highest grade in NAAC.